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Brooklyn factory beams – Re-claimed wood table


These are my most recent projects. Both tables are 4″ thick and have LED lights inside the old mortises which were filled with casting resin. The wood is from a closed zipper factory on Wyeth built in 1850′s. The larger table with colored square is 34″ x 75″ and 32″ tall. It comes with two matching benches. The smaller “computer desk” is 28″ x 67″ and 29″ tall. They are guaranteed one-of-a-kind pieces. Please contact me for more info on purchasing

Built-In Planter Boxes – Los Angeles, 2010

Greenhouse – Los Angeles, 2008

Interiors – Los Angeles/New York 2010

Swinging Bed – Martha’s Vineyard, 2010

Sun Room – Martha’s Vineyard 2005

Beer Garden – New York 2011

Japanese Gate – Ukiah 2009

Small Redwood Deck

Teahouse – Los Angeles “country” 2010



Fountain – Bat Cave Canyon 2007

Stained Glass

this is a Wood Stove. I have installed many